Welcome to Flaav Thanks for being first

We like to pronounce it Flave, but to each their own.

Flaav creates media plans and marketing alternatives. Media planning helps customers determine the best combination of media to achieve their marketing campaign objectives. This process is extremely effective but often over looked because it is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Flaav bridges the gap by using a complex search algorithm to help automate the media planning process. Flaav is able to save our customer's time and money by creating effective Media Plans which connects them to new advertising partners.

Right now we are getting ready to launch and we want you to join us on that path. Currently we are growing our list of places to advertise before we launch to the public. This information will be used to pair the right customer with you. One of our main goals is to bring you customers which need and want your services. Getting your marketing / contact information on Flaav is free and easy. By working with us you can expect:

  1. New customers you have not yet been introduced to.
  2. Customers who you fill the needs of (thus more satisfied with you services).
  3. Loyal customers who return based on the positive results.

We do not charge our customers to contact you, nor will we charge you to have access to our customers. It is our mission to provide value to our clients by creating the best possible media plans. That means giving the right resources (you) to the right people (new customers).

Please fill out the form on the next page so you can be with us from the start. Shortly, we will be launching our full website and you will be one of the first invited. Once members, you will have the ability to add more than one type of advertisement, have access to metrics regarding the results of your service, and have the opportunity to use a variety of tools to help make your everyday lives easier.

Feel free to contact us at, jordan@flaav.com - Yes you will be on our list of the people who believed in us first... that will go a long way, we promise!